Many publications are available from Research Gate :


Articles already published in the Indian Journal for the History of Science :


‘Newly discovered mathematical relations between Greek and Indian astronomy’, Indian J. History of Science, 12(1977) 120-6. download

‘The astronomical tables of Rājah Jai Singh Sawā’ī’, Indian J. History of Science 19(1984) 143-171. download

‘Account by Joseph Dubois of astronomical work under Jai Singh Sawā’ī’, Indian J. History of Science, 28(1993) 157-166. download


Chapter on Geodesy for the History of Cartography, Volume 2 Book 1, download.

            Other chapters are freely available from


From Traditions of Science: Cross-cultural perspectives, Festschrift for Prof B. V. Subbarayappa, 2007

‘Astronomical Computation for the History of Indian Astronomy’ download


From Academie Internationale d’Histoire des Sciences 26 (1976) 197-220, 27 (1977) 33-71, ‘Studies in the medieval conception of precession’




From the Corpus des Astronoms Byzantins Volume vii, 1994,

            An Almanac for Trebizond for the year 1336 download