FONTLIST 5.0 is an independent Windows program which runs on Win NT4, 5 (Win 2000), 6 (XP). This is an upgrade from version 4.0, and is designed to handle filenames consisting of an arbitrary non-Ansi string, such as ґукекен.doc or 挖萨茶.doc. It is designed to produce a list of the names of all the fonts which were used in any of the following files: from Word 6 up to Word 2003, WinWord templates RTF for Word, MacWord 5, 6 Wordpad, WordPerfect.

The list of the font names will also display any non-Ansi characters, so that for example the usual Japanese font will be listed as

MS Mincho (MS 明朝)(TrueType).

It also gives a list of embedded fonts, again with non-Ansi characters as appropriate. Provision is made for downloading embedded Truetype fonts from version 6 or 7 Word documents.

As in Fontlist 4 full drag and drop facilities are incorporated, as well as inclusion in the context menu.
Printer information is copied from the WinWord file. With the menu SaveOutput a summary of the information is saved to a disk file, with the extension *.htm, kept in the folder where you keep Fontlist.

SETUP installs the program by default into the directory C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\fontlist5, unless you assign another folder. If you accept the default path check the boxes "install" and "add to context menu", and press "accept". Otherwise, begin by checking the box "Set path", and type in the desired path. An existing folder can be selected by means of the Browse button, and this folder can then be altered. Then press return, and proceed with the other boxes. The path will be stored in the fontlist.ini file.

The extensive Help file is a valuable reference on a number of topics, such as embedded fonts.

View of of Fontlist5 in typical use.

To download fontlist5 (, 84kb) click   Download fontlist5 .

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