FONTLIST 6.0 extends Fontlist 5 to cover documents saved from Word 2007. The installation goes through just as with Fontlist 5. The document format created by Word 2007 is essentially a collection of XML files, so totally different from that created by earlier versions of Word. Nevertheless Fontlist works in much the same way. One big difference however concerns the embedded fonts. Any fonts that are embedded can now be downloaded to the disk.

As with Fontlist 5, SETUP installs the program by default into the directory C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\fontlist6, unless you assign another folder. If you accept the default path check the boxes "install" and "add to context menu", and press "accept". Otherwise, begin by checking the box "Set path", and type in the desired path. An existing folder can be selected by means of the Browse button, and this folder can then be altered. Then press return, and proceed with the other boxes. The path will be stored in the fontlist.ini file.

The extensive Help file is a valuable reference on a number of topics, such as embedded fonts.

To download fontlist6 ( click   Download fontlist6 .

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