Bright Star List

The Yale Bright Star List is very suitable as a basic list that includes all the stars visible to the naked eye, and therefore all those encountered in ancient lists, in particular those of Ptolemy. The list presented here as StarList is designed to make it most useful for studies of Greek astronomy. The positions can be recalculated for any date. The list includes the stars given in the Almagest and the Handy tables, with cross references to the modern catalogue numbers, HR, HD, SOA, GC, HIP. The entries may be sorted according to any of the tabulated quantities. There is a special display of the quantities given by Hipparchus in his commentary on Aratus

If you have downloaded before now (Dec 19 2013) you may have had difficulty with the Help file, but the program has been updated so that the Help file is available from the Menu.

The program StarList may be downloaded here:

Download BSC here (use Save target as...)

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